Thunderbyrd Power Systems offers an entire range of affordable and reliable power factor correction solutions:

Fixed capacitance solutions for facilities with steady operating demand offering the fastest payback.

Semi Automatic solutions based on Thunderbyrd's AutoSwitch which can be triggered by time clock, SCADA or environmental control signals, current demand, or other conditions. Offers demand following at a lower cost than fully automatic systems.

Fully Automatic power factory correction systems which sense changes in load and automatically brings on just the right amount of correction to raise your power factor above your utility's penalty threshold.

Low Voltage single and three-phase services, 220/240-volt, 480-volt, and 600-volt

Medium Voltage

High Voltage

Each system is tailored to the needs of your facility and designed to virtually eliminate your power factor surcharges and penalties.

Savings can be realized by a wide array of businesses - any operation which uses electric motors, transformers, lamp ballasts, and other inductive devices. For example, machine shops, saw mills, manufacturing and finishing plants (including textile, metal and chemicals), breweries, cold storage facilities, dairies, welders, pumping stations, sewage treatment facilities, hospitals, and facilities with heavy use of refrigeration, ventilation, air-conditioning, or fluorescent lighting.

Complete systems start as low as $2,000 and typically pay for themselves in 1 to 3 years.